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Alpacian Limited is a newly formed company located in Hong Kong. We established our business in 2017, and our team are formed by security professionals from the major players in the industry for more than 10 years. We are young but experienced, energetic and professional. Our team provides the best-fit solution in both of price and service according to customers' requirements. 

We provide a set of reviews on security policies, procedures and process flow. Those reviews are going to map industrial standards such as ISO/IEC 27001, NIST standards. Our security consultants identify risk, related solution and security improvements around company area.

Our security professionals also provide technical services on evaluating security level on enterprise environment such as vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, mobile application assessment, static code review and security configuration standard comparison. All tests are referring to NIST, OWASP, SANS and PCI penetration guides. Our security consultants identify vulnerability, filtering false positives and provide recommends further remediation actions to our client.




Alpacian is providing the Informaton Security Service including Seucirty Assessment, Regulatory and Compliance Consulting Service, Incident Response and Computer Forensics Litigation support service. 

Our team served the clients in different industries and have the successful cases on telco, manufacturing, financial service and government agencies.  


Our security professional is providing continuous efforts on protecting confidentiality, integrity and availability of client resources and data. Goals of security are helping to prevent, deal with and detect (aka notice) security events. Our knowledge is fully covering on compliance and latest technology and helps you to improve on security areas. 


Our security team expertizes in security assessments, penetration testing, IT audit and mobile application testing, network, application, database security, security engineering, compliance consultancy service and computer forensics investigation.



Mobile Application Security Testing

Our security team distributes a security assessment against mobile application according to ENISA best practices. All testing methodologies are referring to world accepted methodologies such as OWASP, SEI CERT and NIST standards. 

Vulnerability Assessment 

Our security consultant provides internal and external vulnerability assessments. Vulnerability assessment is assessing to corporate assets and identifying current vulnerabilities and potential threads on assets. Our security consultants identify important assets, customised a specific scanning profile for clients and recommends actions after findings.

Penetration Testing

Our security consultant offers penetration testing in internal and external penetration testing. Penetration testing is discovering potential security problem which is an advanced version on vulnerability scanning and it is a greater solution on finding security issues on related systems.

Static Application Security Testing 

We distribute an audit process on source code for application and verifies any security controls exist. Ensure that the application has protection in its environment. Our security consultants review source codes with both code tracing and scanning process on discovering issues. 

Computer Forensics Investigation

Our forensic expert provides the most completed electronic discovery, forensic analysis, advisory and consultation on computer forensic service. Our expertise can help you to recover information, finding key evidence and response for expert witness testimony service. 

Compliance Consultancy Service

Our security consultants came from professional chapters, such as PCI DSS, ISO27001, ISO2000 and other information security related regulations in Hong Kong. We are experienced on providing the consultancy and advisory service to you your organization meet its compliance requirement. 

Enterprise information security architecture

Our security consultants developing an architecture security framework to our clients, helping them to develop organization's strategy and other necessary details in operates. We evaluate the information security risk, by matching with business and technology roadmaps, industry trends, legislative and legal requirements, providing the structured and coherence solution to enable business-to-security alignment. 



Tel: +852 3611 9814

Unit 1104A, 11/F, Eastern Centre, 1065 King's Road Quarry Bay, HONG KONG



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